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  Silk is a traditional export product in China. At present, China is the largest silk producing and exporting country in the world. Seventy percent of its silk produced is exported. Its raw silk amount accounts for 70% of that of world production, and 85% of that of world export. Its silk fabric export amount accounts for more than 40 % of that of the world. China plays a leading role in world silk trade and wins a high reputation around world.
   In recent years, China Silk Corporation(CSC) actively explores international silk market and develops silk trade. To meet different needs of world, CSC organizes and exports many types of new and excellent silk products, and they are popular in world silk trade and among customers. We welcome customers and investors all over the world to negotiate and cooperate with us.
An introduction to import and export business: CSC’s main business domain is import and export, and its core product is silk products, covering cocoon silk materials and products, semi-manufactured silk fabrics, silk garments, chemical industrial products, agricultural products and light industrial products.
   We adopt and exercise market diversification strategy. Europe, America, Japan and Korea are our traditional and main silk markets; India is our largest silk material consuming market; South-east Asia and Middle East are our new markets of silk products; and Australia and South America are our potential markets.
   We adopt general trade practices. Through good service, we apply our foreign costumers with value-added service, such as stable product quality, timely delivery date and timely communication for fluctuation of products’ prices to promote long-term cooperation with customers. We attach great importance to the establishment of brands. Through stable product quality, unified package and moderate publicity and other concrete measures to maintain and enlarge the reputation and the market shares of our famous brands: “Blossom”( raw silk) and “Red Blossoms” ( spun silk) .

cocoon silk  

  Silk of mulberry cocoon, tussah cocoon and others.

mulberry cocoon silk
tussah cocoon silk
Other silk
Silk fabrics  

  Silk fabrics can be divided into different groups based on different weaving methods

silk products  

  Different types of silk garments, knitted goods, daily goods and embroideries

knitted goods
daily goods
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